Bhakti Hough – President of SC African American Heritage Commission

Portrait of Bhakti Larry Hough.Radio Baha’i's very own Bhakti Larry Hough has been elected chairman of the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission. He is a charter member of the former SC African American Heritage Council, and was elected at the SCAAHC’s recent annual meeting. He succeeds Leon Love of Lexington.

“History and culture, especially that of African American people, are my passions,” Bhakti said. “So, it’s a great honor to be elected to a position in which I can express those passions on behalf of the commission and all the people of South Carolina.”

For all of his adult life, Hough has been a student and passionate purveyor of African American and African culture and history through mass media, the arts and the humanities. He is operations manager at Radio Baha’i, where he hosts Insight, a public affairs talk show. For three years, he was director of the Sankofa Festival of African American Arts and Culture in Florence; his communications company New World Communications Group published Trial and Triumph, a Pee Dee African American history magazine and sponsored the New World Lecture Series, which presented African American scholars and activists, at the Kemet School is Florence. He also developed a heritage trail and accompanying brochure entitled African American Historical Sites on the SC Cotton Trail.  He is also a percussionist and vocalist for his jazz band, the Bhakti Project.

Bhakti Larry Hough is on the air on Radio Baha’i, 90.9 FM, Monday through Friday afternoons, from 3:00 to 7:00, hosting A Smooth and Jazzy Afternoon Soundtrack.

The South Carolina African American Heritage Commission was created by executive order, by former Gov. Jim Hodges, in 2001, to identify and promote the preservation and appreciation of properties, sites, and culture associated with African American history in South Carolina.

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  1. tony coles says:

    Its my first time to the myrtle beach are and I turn to your station to hear this amazing jazz. Jazz is what I call our classical music because it was unvented by us. Anyway I was wondering if I could get Sunday,& todays playlist. I am frm Richmond, Va. Or send me to a link where I cn get it. :o tep!

    • gkintz says:

      Thank you for your comment, Tony. Please write to us at to ask for the names of songs in the future. We’ll try to send you playlists for the days you mentioned.

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